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Program Details

Learn strategic Digital Marketing, Master the Tools and Platforms, Be industry Ready


WordPress Web Design

Domain Management
C Panel and Hosting Management Understanding Website Structure WordPress Website Development  Theme, Plugins and Publishing Understanding User Interface and Experience  Content Management System  Landing Page Creation  List Building and Hubspot CRM


Search Engine Optimization

Understanding Search Engines Page Rank Algorithm On-Page & Off-Page Optimization Keyword Research Meta tags & Meta Description SEO Friendly Content Writing
Link Building Strategies
Local SEO and Business Listing
Voice SEO and Virtual Assistants


Search Engine Marketing

Google Ads Paid vs Organic Search Google Ad Rank Algorithm Relevance and Quality Score Bidding Strategies and Keyword planning Search and Display Network Ad Types and Ad Extension Search and  Display Ads
Campaign management


Social Media Marketing

Social Platform Algorithms
Advertising on Social Media Platforms
Facebook and Instagram Paid Ads
Twitter and LinkedIn Paid Ads
Social Media Campaign Management
Online Reputation Management
Crisis Management


Web Analytics

Understanding Google Analytics Website tracking and tracking visitor source Goal setting and Conversion funnel Audience Behavior & Acquisition Analysis Real-time reports Heat Mapping Tools
Facebook and Social Media Analytics


Email Marketing

Types of emails
Email Marketing Tools
Designing Email
Email campaign Analytics
Email Automation
Drip Email Marketing



Concept of Remarketing
Remarketing Process
Tags and lists
Facebook Remarketing and Pixel
Dynamic Remarketing
Tracking conversions


Managerial Digital Marketing

Performing Market Research Comparative Analysis Marketing Management Frameworks Objective based Campaigning Marketing Case-Studies Business Strategies for Digital Marketers Growth Hacking
Freelancing in Digital Marketing


Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Tools App Marketing and Promotion App Store Optimization In-app Analytics and Advertising Responsive Web Design Trends Mobile Advertising Virtual Reality in MarketingFacebook and Social Media Analytics


E-commerce Management

E-commerce portals
E-commerce Concepts and Policies
Inventory Management
Packaging & Shipping
Payment Gateways


Media Planning

Media Buying
Types of Media buying
Media terminologies
Platform based Media Buying
Media planning and budgeting


Blogging, Adsense & Affiliate

Content writing
How to make blogs SEO friendly
Making Money through AdSense
Affiliate Marketing
Influencer Marketing


Content Marketing

Introduction to Content Marketing
Social Media Calendar Creation
Content Marketing Strategy
Trend capitalization and virality
Content Marketing Managements tools
Brand Case Studies


Design Essentials

Brand Aesthetics
Colors and Typography
Design Thinking for Marketing
Design Systems
Practical Design for Digital Marketing

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